Horseshoe Wedding Bands

The horseshoe wedding bands are dear to my heart. My husband Ron and I were married on horseback , a true equestrian wedding.  The preacher and the whole wedding party rode out to the Indian Caves in Cave Creek Arizona for the ceremony. I made the first horseshoe wedding band for Ron and he has worn it all these many years.

A few years back he commented to me about all the compliments he received on the ring and suggested that I make some for the store.  I did that and started advertising the horseshoe wedding rings and was so encouraged by the response.

I make the wedding rings heavy so that they will last, and comfortable enough so that they can be worn all the time. Ron rides almost every day and never takes his ring off.

I set some diamonds in mine for a little sparkle and my glove fits right over the ring when I ride. I expanded the equestrian wedding collection to include our "two become one" sets for brides who want a solitaire engagement ring that will fit into a diamond horseshoe wedding band.

I custom make the horseshoe wedding bands one at a time here in Scottsdale Arizona.

 They are very special to me as I hope they are to you. - Lesley Rand Bennett