Bronze Sculptures by Lesley Rand Bennett

Welcome to the LRB Studio where you will find bronze sculptures created by Lesley Rand Bennett. 

I have been a sculptor all of my adult life. The majority of my study and work has been devoted to my love of, and deep connection to horses.
I see the physical power that horses possess and the muscling that moves and engages to execute difficult maneuvers. What exactly creates their many facial expressions and softens the eye.
Inspired by the physiology and history of the horse coupled with my fascination of the west, my work seeks to tell stories in meticulous detail and transport the viewer into feeling the power or serenity in the moment.
Starting with miniature pieces created in solid 18k gold to 5 foot works in bronze. I have sought to capture moments that evoke emotion and tell stories of epic pro-proportions.

            I have always felt that my work should speak for itself.